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Talking Frog Wine...

Delicious! A bubbly wine lager that is sweet, light and fruity. The wine grape varietal is 100% viognier...

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Our limited production, premium estate wines are hand-crafted in small lots, using our best fruit, barrels and time consuming techniques to ensure a wine of exceptional character.

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10% of the proceeds from “We Remember” wine goes to the Veterans Research Corporation, whose mission is to remember and honor the sacrifices of those who serve. Proceeds will fund world class medical research for all veterans.

66 Award Winning Wines

Obtained 66 wine awards between 2007 & 2012 in local, national, and international wine competitions.

Talking Frog Wine

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Our winery owners, Les and Dorian Linkogle remind us that “Sometimes you really do have to kiss a lot of frogs ’til you find your prince”. This may be true in many areas of life but when it comes to delicious wines you will find a prince every time you visit our premier Temecula boutique winery which opened its enchanting doors in 2007.

This saying became the inspiration for our “Talking Frog” label. This label offers a budget-friendly introduction to our table wines to appeal to a price conscious consumer. Talking Frog is our unique bubbly wine lager that is light, sweet and fruity. As this label is less expensive than Briar Rose’s other wines, taste is not spared in any way. We are proud of our awards for Talking Frog Wine Lager that includes; a bronze in the Valley Wine Society 2010 and the Inland Empire Award in 2010.

This recently released wine has the distinction of using 100% Viognier grapes and a lager Hefeweizen. Pronounced Vee-own-yay, the Viognier grapes were once only found in the northern Rhone region of France but were brought to California in the 1990’s where they adapted well to the climate. The Viognier grapes can now be found in many places around the world. This wine lager is unique and offers a true appreciation of the Viognier grape.

$28.00 Talking Frog A bubbly wine lager that is sweet, light and fruity. .

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